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Pakistani boy creates O-Level record

Pakistani boy creates O-Level record
Islamabad: While the country is entangled in yet another wave of terrorism, good news has come from a 9-year old boy who has passed O-Level examination of the Cambridge University. He is perhaps the only child in the world to have passed all the science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) of O-levels at the age of 9.

Rai Haris Manzoor, born on 16th August 2004, left his school in 2012 only to be taught at home by his parents to achieve the unachievable target i.e. passing the O-levels exam (11 year of study). Interestingly, Haris has a twin brother who is in grade 3 at a private School in Rawalpindi.

Previously, a girl Sitara of Chinoit passed three Science subjects of A-levels at the age of eleven years while she had also passed the paper of O-levels Chemistry at the age of 9.

There are also many examples of bright students who passed one or two papers of O or A levels at the age of nine but Haris stands outstanding among them as he has passed all the subjects of O-levels at the age of 9.Haris wants to become a barrister, which is now only four years away. If he makes it in bar at law as well, he could be the youngest lawyer the world would ever produce.

Rai Manzoor Nasir, Haris's father said that Haris had passed O Level examination, with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, from the University of Cambridge, UK at the age of nine years and his candidate No. is 344 and examination centre is British Council Islamabad (centre No. PK100).

The proud father said that Haris studied in private school wherefrom he passed four classes in 2012. Afterwards, he did not go to any school and his parents taught him at home. Normal age for passing the O level is 17 or 18 years. Rai Manzoor said that his son completed Nazra Quran-e-Majeed and also memorised Para No. 30 at the age of five.

"We knew Haris could pass O-levels being extraordinary intelligent that is why we taught him at home and he has made us proud today", the jubilant father said. He added that he would send his son abroad to pursue his law course. The news