Saint Mary Cambridge school system offers a learning environment that embodies the best of today and yesterday. A dynamic curriculum coupled with a focus on traditional values ensures students achieve success in both school and life. Saint Mary Cambridge school system began as a school for all children of all backgrounds. Today, we are still an inclusive community, welcoming students of every race, religious tradition, and economic background. Saint Mark Cambridge school systems affirm the inherent dignity and value of each individual. Read More



We offer an early childhood education system to children ranging from the ages one to seven in the form of Play Group(Reception) and Angles. Especially designed environments are built at SMCSS, together with an approved curriculum to enhance the vocabulary and language skills of children so that they learn how to communicate, play and interact with others appropriately.


We offer elementary education to children establishing foundations in a range of subject areas. Through specially designed academic coursework, we aim to promote literacy and numeracy amongst the children. Saint Mary Cambridge School System (SMCSS) Primary education ensures a smooth transition to more advanced secondary education or middle school.


In pakistan secondory school is a grade of education from Standards VI to X. Standards/Classes .VI and X are also called Secondary School. Usually students from ages 10+ to 14+ study in this section. These schools may be affiliated to national boards (like SSC) or various state boards. Education is compulsory until age 10+.


Cambridge O Level, typically for 14-16-year-old children is an internationally recognized qualification that provides learners with excellent preparation for academic progression. CIE AS & A Levels are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing preparation for university education. ST MARY is both, recognized and registered to provide this stream of education to its children.

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