Saint Mary Cambridge school system offers a learning environment that embodies the best of today and yesterday. A dynamic curriculum coupled with a focus on traditional values ensures students achieve success in both school and life.

Saint Mary Cambridge school system began as a school for all children of all backgrounds. Today, we are still an inclusive community, welcoming students of every race, religious tradition, and economic background.

Saint Mary Cambridge school systems affirm the inherent dignity and value of each individual. Our school embraces the distinct identity of each person and helps students to appreciate their own identities and those of others. Saint Mark Cambridge school systems actively seek families, faculty, and staff who bring a range of experiences to the school.

We believe diversity increases the ability to formulate and nurture ideas and relationships resulting in a school community where all opinions and views are respected.

Saint Mary Cambridge school systems provide a scholarly learning environment for an educational experience that prepares students to participate in an increasingly complex global society.

We believe that in a multicultural society, developing competency, the will, and ability to create authentic and effective relationships across differences, is crucial to being a responsible and compassionate country citizen

Our Objectives

  • Providing quality English Medium Education at an affordable cost.
  • Imparting a harmonious combination of traditional and modern teaching-learning approaches.
  • Providing every child with an opportunity for personal development and social grooming through co-curricular activities.
  • The overall goal is to reconcile and help to bridge the gap between the students and the institution.
  • They should insist that the homework is done with the utmost thoroughness and regularity. The children must study for at least two hours daily at home.
  • Challenge students academically and assist each child in developing his/her maximum potential.
  • Encourage individual responsibility awareness.
  • Provide a learning environment to help each child towards a fulfilling future in which skills for life are developed with wisdom and truth.
  • Our aims are at the overall growth of the students and strive to achieve a positive and healthy, physical, emotional, and intellectual attitude.
  • To provide opportunities to develop the potentialities for creative thinking.
  • Encourage students to be active and participate in extra-curricular activities so they have opportunities to build responsibility and leadership.
  • Provide strong academic programs, which enable all children to excel in the languages and sciences.

Salient Features

  • EAFL, SANC, MAFF, and ELAids based education system
  • Highly qualified & experienced Management/Administration
  • Qualified,fluent in English,trained & certified Montessori Directresses
  • 100% Compliance with Action-Plan by Saint Mark’s highly experienced Education/Management Experts
  • Modern Methodology and International Standard of Education
  • Provide a caring and friendly educational environment.
  • English Environment
  • Strong Educational Foundation
  • Extra Ordinary Focus on Maths and Sciences
  • Substantial Education, Assessment, and Grooming Systems
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Science Exhibitions
  • Game and Sports
  • Field trips and excursions
  • Study and observational tours
  • Highly Qualified, Trained, and Professional teachers
  • Teachers’ training workshops
  • Parent-Teacher meetings
  • Workshops for parents


  • MBBS Doctor/First Aid
  • Transport System
  • Electric Water Coolers/Filter.
  • Back-up Electric Power Generator
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Class-Rooms
  • Spacious and well-furnished classrooms
  • Use of audio-visual aids
  • Well-equipped science labs.
  • Well-equipped Computer labs.
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