Master of Genetec Science
  • President of Saint Mark Cambridge School System
  • President of Society For The Betterment of Education

Saint Mark Cambridge System is a very sincere endeavor brought into existence by the SOCIETY FOR THE BETTERMENT OF EDUCATION. It, not some ordinary school aimed at ascertainment of financial objectives by personalities belonging to the business community.Although financial strength and stability are the backbones for any existence, yet our core philosophy is to play a role in the betterment of education in our country.
ST.MARK is absolutely unique and distinctive in comparison with other educational institutions existing in the industry on the basis of the following attributes.

  • ST.MARK is focused on, peculiarly, shape your child as a future Doctor/Engineer/Business-Executive.
  • ST.MARK is powered by EAFL, SANC, MAFF, and ELAids Methodologies that is the our-come of my vast experience in the field of education.
  • ST.MARK is in operation under its own pre-formulated strategic action plan based on the following three components:
    • Education System (70%)
    • Assessment System (20%)
    • Grooming System (10%)

In the light of the above core strategic ingredients, anyone who is accompanied with wisdom, vision, and assessment trails may very easily perceive our educational infrastructure,strategic-mix, organizational dimensions, perspective’s depiction in the determination of our orientation & strategic-action-path.
Finally, the Saint Mark Cambridge System will prove to be the best decision of yours for your child which is your most precious treasure of life.

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